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Thursday, July 30, 2009
Running: Week 4 C25k Musings

I'm now in week four of the Couch to 5k Challenge.  I'm also participating in a 1/2 Marathon Class, of which, I'll be knocking out my first half in October with the Marine Corps Half Marathon and 5k.  I ran the 5k back in 2007, and have been looking forward to the half marathon since then.

Some musings about some of my latest runs:

"The moon is in a perfect crescent in a darker-than-dusk sky.  I wouldn't notice this if I were inside, or doing anything else, really, but running."

"When it rains/is raining, the white noise from the cars going by is much louder.  Conversely, when you're on the back roads in the neighborhoods, it makes it eerily quieter."

"The frogs make beautiful music to accompany my ipod.  Try not to run over and squish any of them."

"I pass by your window and sometimes long to be sitting and watching tv, too.  But here.  Pounding the pavement.  Panting while turning in the mileage.  Here is where I belong."

"There is a certain solace to be found in running.  It's you and the road and not much else."

Posted at 09:16 pm by Candy-Apple

July 31, 2009   09:36 AM PDT
I'm happy that you've gotten back into the swing of things.

I would love to run the open road, just me and my mp3 player, but I'm so nervous about getting hit by a car.

This entry is beautiful. It reminds me of what I too long for.

xo. Keep going.

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