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Friday, April 15, 2011
Pregnancy Journal: 21-23 weeks

I'm temporarily blogging over here for the sake of not causing waves of worry through my family, but it is something that needs to be recorded.  I went in for a diagnostic ultrasound at 22 weeks, and while everything else looked good, fluid up, kiddo healthy, it showed that I have a low lying placenta at this point in my pregnancy.  It carries with it a bit of a scare of previa, where the placenta can cover the cervix (meaning, if a full previa, an automatic c-section; one cannot birth a placenta before the baby), but with it being this early in the pregnancy, my midwife is confident that as my uterus grows bigger, it'll carry my placenta up and away with it.  Just to be sure, I'm having to go and have another diagnostic ultrasound with a high-risk obstetrician; they have better machines with better imaging, and will be able to tell within a centimeter of where, exactly, it's lying.  I cannot say that I'm not nervous, and that I didn't cry on Matt's shoulder when I got the results, but I'm processing it, praying about it, and carrying on as normal.  I also can't say that this hasn't created a small seed of self doubt; as an hbac client, it worried my midwife to have to tell me, but as a professional, she did anyway.

I'm hopeful, confidant, but more than that, I'm prayerful.  Whatever is to happen is going to happen.

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