Entry: Running: Week 2 C25k Monday, June 15, 2009

I finally made it to week 2 on Couch to 5k!  The heat this morning was brutal as Gav and I set out to make our rounds.  It was 90 seconds on and 2 minutes off today.  It took a lot to get me out of the house today; mainly telling myself that I didn't want to repeat W1 again.  I was so sick of starting over.  Tired of putting myself back to feeling sorry for myself and giving myself one more excuse.  I'm just sick of it.  So I just went and gumptioned myself up and did it.

The music is better this week, and instead of 8 rounds, there were only 6.  Less running over all, though there were slightly longer stretches of it.  During the final two, it took every ounce of mental butt kicking to get it in gear and keep going.  The heat was brow beating me today, and staying in the constant sun takes a lot out of me.  But I sucked it up, made it through all six turns and didn't give up.  I just had to keep telling myself "you're not going to die, now pick it up!"

It'll get easier.  It does, every week.  No matter how hard Mondays seem to be, Wednesday, then Friday, it always gets a little easier.  And before I know it, I'll be crossing finish lines again.


July 1, 2009   05:01 PM PDT
Now that my head cold is gone, I wanted to start training for the C25K again but my friggin knee is kind of bothering me.

What is the deal!!!

I think I'm going to do it anyway. This is just down right ridiculous.

*hugs*... You can do it!!!

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