Entry: PHOENIX... Friday, July 22, 2011

I cannot own your fears.

You are drowning in your own stubborn ignorance, and I can only stand by and watch.

You cannot guilt me.  I will not let it affect... I will not let it cause me to


You cannot take the joy out of something, simply because you fear the outcome without facing the very research and medical establishments you so choose to trust.

You are my bond and link to the previous generation.

I want so badly to have your support and loving approval during this time, BUT.

I'm not going to own your fears and absorb your negativity at only a chance of getting it.

You are forcing me once again to go against you; to feel all the negativity that comes with that.

You are selfishly taking away something special from my life, an experience like no other, without, or perhaps you are, meaning to.

These last days, I must separate myself from you.

I must keep clarity of mind,
          of heart,
of soul,
    of beings.

I mustn't be afraid.  I must be able to go confidently without doubt at every turn.

I need my strength.
                    She needs it more.

There is no more talking to be done.  No more informing to be done.  The clock has struck midnight, and I am out of time, but still have both of my shoes to continue on this journey [painfully, achingly] without you.

This will be life changing for me.  I wish you could see and celebrate that.

I [painfully, achingly] wish it could have been for you, too.


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