Friday » Those little bears are soooooo cute! I'm luvin' them! Thank you sweetheart!
Deirdre » Hi! Hugs. Yep.
Candy » awe! Hi logtar!!! Long time, eh??
Logtar » I was here too!
Friday » Awwwww, I love my giftie! You know me so well! Love you, honey!
Candy » awe! yay!! Glad to be back, lol!! We're going to rock this out!
Deirdre » I was here! I had signed up for notifications. I just hadn't gotten the email yet before you told me you posted. YAY!!
Friday » I truly hope nothing in my comment upsets or offends you. I do love you so, Candy!!!!!! *hugs*
Friday » Wow ... it's spic and span in here.
Candy » :wanders around, dusting, vacuuming: wow, been a while since i've been over here....
fahreal » my name fahry iam from jakarta you wanna give me respont about my arts if you wanna see my picture please open my email to friendster ;
Friday » Monkey! Monkeeeeee! Wheeeee! Me love monkey! *hugs* Thank you, my darlin'!
Smallstar » Wishing you a happy Sunday, Sweet Candy!! <3
ChristinaL » Hi there Candy! I have seen your name all over Friday's page so I figured I'd have to check ya out!<not that away! But i do have a sweet tooth for candy right now too! Beautiful page!!!
NTEKO » HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smallstar » How are you?
Smallstar » Awww thank you, sweetheart!! Have a great day! <3 <3
Smallstar » Happy friday, candy girl!!
Friday » You have gmail, sweetness.
Friday » Loving you and missing you, precious girl!
Deirdre » Aww, *hugs*. I love you.
Smallstar » Hugs
Friday » Love you, angel face!
Smallstar » Glad to hear it. Kiss and a huge hug
Smallstar » How are you? I hope well. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 *smackKkKkK*
Deirdre » <3
Smallstar » Hello!
Melly » i wish i had had some company when i was pregnant. i was kind of alone. i talked to co-workers and all but no friends that were going through it.
Melly » i saw deirdre's comment and the coolest thing in the world would be if you two wonderful ladies were pregnant at the same town. would be too cute. and you have a friend going through it now too.
Melly » remember ill be here for you, i went through a bad pregnancy but a really good labor. i dont' know everything but i know enough. im here to lean on.
Melly » its really is that way and you really won't give it much of a thought after the little one is here.
Deirdre » Thank you for always being so supportive to me. I appreciate it.
Smallstar » I hope you have a great weekend. Kisses
Friday » Candy Girl! My darlin heart .. how are you, sweetheart? You made my whole week, you know that? I love you, puddin' pie!
Smallstar » Hugs 4 you! I hope you have a great day... <3
Friday » Oh, Candy. I love you so much. I sent you gmail with a special request, darling! <3 *hugs*
Friday » I wish you were a teddy bear so I could sqeeeeeze you without hurting you. I love you, sweetness.
Friday » Hi my angel! How's your "down time" going" Enjoying? I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut-off. I'm so unorganized. LOL * I love you!
Smallstar » Hi, Candy. How are you? I hope well... *kisses and hugs*
Candy » You dance like a dork???? Obviously you have never been smacked in the head by a flailing arm of mine. This white gal ain't got no rhythm at all.
Friday » Ummm, excuse me for "eaves"reaading ... but I bet you're a kick to watch with half a bottle of wine in your system. I dance like a dork.
Deirdre » I guess I should have mentioned that I was alone the whole time. : P
Friday » Now it's a slumber party. I love you soooooo much!
Friday » Me and Deeds be sleeping behind the taggie again. There's room for one more! *sleepy hugs*
Smallstar » How are you? I hope well! *hugs* <3 <3
Friday » <---clickie clickie
Friday » <---clickie clickie
Friday » <---clickie clickie
Friday » Life is so much sweeter with you in it! I love you, doll face!
Friday » Life is so much sweeter with you in it! I love you, doll face!
Smallstar » Kissssss and hugsssss *eheh* ;P
Melly » my goodness i must come here more often than i do. you do look mighty good in the dress. i think im gaining weight again. it might be stress or who knows.
Friday » I love it when you squeal! I squeal too.
Smallstar » Thank u very much 4 the visit. I'll add u in my blogroll. *special kisses and hugs*
Friday » I'm glad he does because that means I won't have to jump up and bite him on the knee when I come see you. LOL Cuz you know, one day, I will. *HUGS* You have more mail.
Candy » *hugs friday tight*
Candy » I love mail from you
Friday » you have gmail, love.
Friday » *gasp* everytime I see that picture it takes my breath away. Does Matt know what a huge piece of eye candy you are? And, I'm happy for you TOO! We both see sisters in May!
Friday » Candy, I'm so happy my eyes are leaking.
Smallstar » Came by deirdre's blog. ^.^ *hugs*
Friday » I love you! Are you okay?
Deirdre » *hugs* thank you. i'm ok. (:
Friday » btw, that "hello behbeh" make me smile, smile, smile!
Friday » HEY! that piggie isn't humping that pillow is it? LMAO So cute, Candy. I love you!
Deirdre » Your comments are always always always so lovely and inspiring. Thank you. <3
Friday » I love youuuuu-uuuu-uuuuuu!
Friday » btw, sugar, you got email.
Friday » G'morning, my love! Monday hugs for you, oh gorgeous one! Hope the weekend was okay for you and Monday treats you well. *BIG SQUISHY HUGS*
Friday » *chuckle* I've been in a silly mood.
Candy » LOL!!!! :big squishy hugs:
Friday » Aardvark a million miles for one of your smiles!
Candy » :giggle: aardvark who?
Friday » Aardvark
Candy » Who's there?
honeybee » I'm realizing just what a journey this is. You make it sound so exciting. I know you'vr had your wonderful journey.
Friday » Knock knock
Friday » Awww. Thank you D! Oh wait ... you were wishing her happy Friday, not introducing me. I'm so silly. Candy ... Happy Friday from happy Friday!!! *Hugs*
Deirdre » I love your comments-- and then I think... dang, her comment totally rocks OVER my post. You leave the best encouragement sometimes. I love you. Happy Friday!!!
meecie » thanks for coming by and for the hugs. You know I can use them. All going well so far, though.
Friday » Tra la la la la. Skipping through the garden with my favoritest girls wearing a t-shirt and a smile! I love you two! May I have another cookie, pleeease? *giggle*
Candy » :happy sigh: quiet tea and cookies in the garden with my bestest of friends. :hugs:
Candy » I checked and replied sugar. Did you get the comfy shirt I left for you in D's comments? Now you won't be so nekkid. Not that I mind, you hawt mama
Deirdre » I would go anywhere with my two favorite gals. Count me in. <3
Friday » I know about not being able to contain it all. I LOVE Norah Jones. You've touched me more deeply than I can express. Check your Gmail, sweetness.
Candy » I'm slowly grooving to some Acoustic Alchemy music on Pandora. Sunrise by Norah Jones is on right now. It's fitting in with my mood very well at the moment.
Candy » I'm good, just quiet today. Celebratory silence?? It's a lot of emotions at one time. My heart can barely contain them all.
Friday » You okay, Sugar Bear? Yes, let's head to the secret garden! C'mon, Dee! *rest head on Candy's shoulder and reaches out for Dee's hand*
Candy » I understand hun. Me too. I'm lurking about, but more or less in hiding too. Come on, I've got a secret garden over this way..... Deirdre, wanna come with?
Friday » I feel so scared and vulnerable today. I'm just gonna hide here and at Deirdre's, okay?
Friday » I love my token! It's already on my blog. Thankums', Pretty Girl!
Friday » *doing the Humpty Dance on Candy's taggie*
Friday » Ehem ... just popped in from Deirdre's blog and saw that your love was free for the taking. I'll take a lifetime's worth, please ... one day at a time. *KISS, KISS, KISS*
Melly » hi back at ya.
Friday » *putting on bulletproof vest* Hi! *waves and ducks* *blows kisses*
Friday » I hope you had a blessed Easter, my love.
Friday » <3
honeybee » Thanks, Candy. I heard you were very successful and I have to believe I'll be too.
Deirdre » Are you pointing at me?? Lol. You're right, GUILTY!